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The elusive Daily Double


That would be two separate hospital trips with two separate parents for two separate children, in one day. Hunts win!

Eliza’s doctor called this morning to say that blood work had shown an infection in her port site. This isn’t a huge deal– Melissa just had to take her in, they flushed it with antibiotics and sent her home. If that doesn’t work, though, they’ll have to remove this port and reinstall another, so please pray those antibiotics do their job.

Then the wildcard: Foard hurt his eye while wrestling with some friends. He’s a little fragile right now anyway, so M thought a nap would settle him down, but he woke up with it still really hurting. So I took him to the (same) hospital, which is also the same hospital where Sam went for pretty much the same injury a few months ago. I kid you not: they recognized me in the foreigners’ office and waived our deposit.

Turns out he had a good reason to be fragile: a surface scratch on his cornea. He’ll be fine in a couple of days.

Poor buddy. I tried a couple of pirate jokes, but he wasn't really into it.

Poor buddy. I tried a couple of pirate jokes, but he wasn’t really into it.

Our only other excitement was a low-grade fever for E. It came down on its own, but it was about half a degree from the take-her-in mark. So please pray that her fever continues to drop and stays down overnight.

Lastly, tomorrow is another check-in for blood work. Please pray that all the numbers are right, that she’s getting enough fluids, and that they’ll send her back home.

Our friends from Charlotte arrived after a 4-hour delay, with 1/3 of their bags, and smiles on their faces. We’re excited to spend some time with them tomorrow– another good reason for the ladies not to be in the hospital.

It will be so fun to tell Eliza as she grows up about the army of people all over the world who prayed for her. Thank you, friends. Please keep it up!

3 thoughts on “The elusive Daily Double

  1. Friends of the Dirks family here–praying for you. Have to share my favorite pirate joke to share with Foard–what is a pirate’s favorite letter? Aarrrr

  2. it breaks my heart that pirate jokes didn’t work.

  3. Still praying, Jake. I feel you on the multiple trips to the ER with multiple boys.

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