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the hunts in prague

You guys are getting really good at this.


Way to go Team Eliza. We asked you to pray that E would be sent home again with good blood work numbers, not least so we could enjoy the day with our Charlotte friends. Done and done!


photo credit: Pastor Wes

Around that table is a crew that added us to their agenda just a couple of weeks ago, and came less than 24 hours off the plane and the day before heading to an English camp they’re working at. They swooped into our house, loaded up the freezer, vacuumed up spiderwebs, tackled a closet and brought form and order to the garage. Plus we just had fun.


No, I’m not showing you a before picture.

This is to say nothing of the even bigger team that loaded them down with supplies and goodies for us. Thank you friends. We are very well loved.

Thanks also to everybody who prayed for Foard’s eye. He woke up happy and not hurting, and was very strong and courageous both times I put his antibiotic cream in today. Sweet boy. He and Sam had a great time with friends today, and didn’t mind at all being fussed over by the Charlotte folks when they got home.

Eliza has to go in tomorrow and Sunday for more antibiotics for the port site, then more blood work Monday. Please pray especially for her eating and drinking. She ate well tonight, but we’re concerned about her getting enough fluids. If the pattern from last round holds, she should be bottoming out today or tomorrow in terms of how she feels, which affects how she eats. Pray that that passes quickly and that she’ll drink more for us tomorrow. And keep praying for the infection in the port to clear up.

These days where M and E go in, not knowing whether they get to come home, are hard. We’re usually pessimistic. M packs a bag just in case. I work some, looking at the phone every few minutes waiting for M’s special beep. It is such a great feeling when the news is good. More normal days. More nights in her own bed. More stability for the boys. More sane bedtimes for us (I tend stay up until all hours when M’s gone). The house just feels happier when they’re here. And we know the doctors are watching E so closely, so when they let her stay we know she’s doing well. Thank you for helping to bring this about through your prayers. Every day we see more and more signs of God’s love for us. He is good.

5 thoughts on “You guys are getting really good at this.

  1. Yay! That is great news!

  2. Jake and all, I don’t comment often but want you to know that we are praying for you. We eagerly read each message hoping for good news and pray specifically as requested plus additional prayers for your peace of mind and strength. You are well loved by the Abbotts and your TUMC family.

  3. God is just absolutely awesome! So happy for E and all of you! Continuing in prayers for those specifics you ask. Keep us informed and our prayers are with you all. Love to all. Mama B

  4. Praise the Lord for the answered prayers and the many angels sent to help this precious Hunts family. We pray that more will come forward to extend their hands towards the family. We know how much God loves them.

    Heavenly Father, we pray that Eliza’s infection will clear up soon. We pray for her eating and drinking. Keep her strong and joyful. Please strengthen the parents as they continue to care for the three kids. Grant Melissa good rest every night. Grant Jake wisdom and patience with the boys. We commit the family into your hands. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!!!

  5. Thank you for allowing us to walk with your family , to pray with and for you, to feel God’s presence in your words and thoughts, to see pictures of your precious family together as you trust God to provide healing and strength, and most of all as God is glorified through your smiling faces. We are in the Wesley class at FUML and grandparents also. We keep your parents and siblings in our prayers asking for strength and blessings for them as they deal with being so far away.

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