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Prayers for tomorrow


Think these two are related?

Think these two are related?

We’ve had a good normal few days at home. After Monday’s chemo, Eliza bottomed out probably on Friday or early Saturday, but even that wasn’t as bad as after the first round. She’s lost some weight, but mostly acting like herself. Even her clinginess with Melissa is backing off some. She’s crawling with authority, and we think “night night” might be her first word. Lots of sweet moments.

Tomorrow she has another appointment for blood work. This will tell us if they’ve taken care of the infection at the port site, and also whether her enzymes are low and blood count high enough to stay at home. Please pray for all those numbers to be right, and especially for the infection to be clear.

It’s a constant struggle to get E to drink enough. Ever try to get a baby to drink when she doesn’t want to? Tricky. Would you please also pray that she’ll learn to drink from a sippy cup, and that she’ll be thirsty enough to get the fluids she needs.

Dozens of churches prayed for us in worship today, some where we don’t even know anyone.  Tonight I preached on Jesus withdrawing to desolate places to pray, emphasizing that 1) we should do that too and 2) we shouldn’t mostly think in terms of “we have to pray,” but “we get to pray.” What a gift that God allows, in fact welcomes, us into his presence, and what a gift that so many of you are using that access to bring us before him. Thank you.

5 thoughts on “Prayers for tomorrow

  1. We are praying about the port site and also the numbers- that all will be good. Have you tried Popsicles to get fluids in her? You may want to put her in the bathtub for the eating and then add water and her brothers for the clean- up.
    Much love from Jackon, GA
    Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

  2. Also praying for the numbers to be good and for the infection to be under control! Sounds like she is really doing well though!

  3. Praying for your precious family. May God continue to give wisdom to the doctors and nurses. May God give you strength, grace, and wisdom as you face Eliza’s health crisis together. So glad that God is working and watching over her. May He continue to surround her with his healing powers and restore her to complete wholeness.

  4. Dear Heavenly Father, we pray for the infection at the port site to ease off. May you grant favourable blood readings to Baby E. Let the little one receive enough fluids. May you also strengthen parents as they continue to care for the three children. In Jesus’ name, amen!

  5. I don’t know y’all but am praying for all of you!

    In terms of liquid intake – I hope this is not annoying! I just remember needing to do it with under-the-weather kiddos and thought the brainstorming might help – try:
    -skipping the silly cup (small glass or plastic cup -exciting!)
    – straw cups (kid style or adult style as in soda)
    – gelatin (your doctor might let this count. I would be happy to mail you some!) or Knox Blocks
    – cucumber or lemon water (children surprise you with flavors they like)
    – blended melon
    – popsicles (if it needs to be water, maybe homemade with fruit chunks??)
    – herbal tea

    sending love!

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