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the hunts in prague

Ups and downs


Up: E was released Monday with no infection, and no more checkups until Friday.

Down: Then they called today, said her port site is still infected, and she needs to come in for them to change it out. This is surgery, with anesthesia and an overnight stay and all that.

So, once again, please pray. Especially please pray that she’s able to come home Friday. We were planning to celebrate her birthday this weekend– her actual birthday is Tuesday, when she’ll be recovering from Round 3 of chemo. But we’re afraid they’ll want to just keep her in until the next round.

The ups and downs are hard. Each visit to the hospital is a little easier logistics-wise– the suitcase stays packed like when you’re expecting a baby– but a little harder emotionally, especially as M gets to know other kids and their moms. Cancer is awful.

In better news, Grandma Cindi arrives tomorrow! So we’ll have a built-in diversion for the boys and live-in help for us. She’s flying standby, so please pray that all her flights work perfectly. Thanks friends.


6 thoughts on “Ups and downs

  1. Many blessings to you all! I know you are tired and weary. We are still praying and will continue to do so. Hugs! Merri, Nick, Sophie, Luke, and Nolan Thomas

  2. Praying for you all.

  3. Praying all goes well!

  4. I am so relieved Grandma Cindi will arrive-for her sake and all of yours. You and Melissa are acting very brave, and could use some “Mothering” yourselves, so I feel better knowing you will be getting some soon. Love you all and prayers coming your way. Can’t believe it was just a year ago when we had our Cousins’ Bug Day at Nanalou’s. Such precious memories!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing! I am praying for everything you have mentioned.

    “He fulfills the desires of those who fear him;
    he hears their cry and saves them.” (Psalm 145:19)

  6. YAY for Grandma Cindi!

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