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New port + the day in pictures

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Today Eliza had surgery to remove and replace her chemo port. It went fine, and she came off the anesthesia much easier than last time.

Parents of the Year chronicles: A friend had to stay at the hospital last night with her little boy for observation after a small injury. E’s surgery was on the next hall over from her room, so we went to say hello while we waited. They’d told us it would be about a half hour, so after that long we went back to the lobby, where we waited a few more minutes. Then a few more. Finally Melissa went upstairs to get her book out of their room… and found Eliza there. They must have come out early and wheeled her right back up. She was out cold for the whole thing, so probably not much emotional scarring. Maybe we’ll delete this post before we let her read the blog.

The other excitement today was the arrival of Ooh-La-La (aka Grandma Cindi)! Bob and Betsy took the boys to meet her at the airport, and she was ready to spring into action, as she’d been bumped up to first class on her long flight. I think God knew she needed her energy.

A sweet gift to this dad today was watching how God is knitting our boys’ hearts together through this hard season. They were fussy with each other during today’s hospital visit, as they often are. But then they played great all afternoon while Cindi was with them, and before bed they played Legos in the tub for 45 minutes, having great adventures and stories, with no strife, no parental intervention, only encouraging words. Brothers dwelling in unity. Thank you God.

Big prayer for today: that E would be able to come home for the weekend before heading back for Round 3 on Monday. Please pray too that God would protect her from any more infections in her port site.

And now permit me to close with some fun pictures from the ladies’ day.

Waiting on surgery, trying not to think about food.

Waiting on surgery, trying not to think about food.


These boys Richard and Erik (both 8) are the new entertainment faves of the oncology ward.


Small sample of the room decor sent by friends in USA


End-of-day update vis-a-vis Foard’s binoculars

One thought on “New port + the day in pictures

  1. Praise God for Cindy’s safe arrival and the peace that passes understanding in your household there. All of our prayers are being answered day by day. All our love and encouragement are with you all.

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