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Home for the weekend


Our girls are home! Eliza had one more dose of antibiotics this afternoon, and now she’s home until going back in on Monday for Round 3 of chemo. The doctor said she looks good, and though we haven’t had any more MRI’s, he also felt like the tumor was even smaller. Lots of good news!

E’s first birthday is Tuesday, and on that day she’ll be starting her third chemo treatment. (She’ll get fluids on Monday and then have the chemo Tues.) This is not how things are supposed to be. Not the story we want for our family, for our little girl. That reality is starting to wear on us.

But this is the story we’re in, and there are many beautiful elements: doctors we trust, friends in Prague falling all over themselves to care for us, friends in the US thinking creatively about how to help. Grace for every day, for our marriage, for our kids. Life is hard, and God is good. He is writing a good story for our family, and we are hopeful for a beautiful ending even for this chapter.


Crafting for sister’s birthday. Birthdays at our house involve lots of crafts.

Please pray for an easy, happy weekend for E, a fun family birthday celebration on Sunday, and lots of strength as we go into Round 3. Thank you friends.

4 thoughts on “Home for the weekend

  1. God has brought your family to my mind so many times in the past few weeks. Praying for you.

  2. At a healing conference. Little girl healed of a cancerous tumor. I am claiming that healing right now for Eliza. Clair, Kate’s mama

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  3. Our small group ladies Bible study, in Orange City, Iowa, get the updates and pray. God’s peace, strength, mercy, and healing. Love to you all.
    (Katy Janicek’s mom)

  4. Happy Birthday, Eliza! I am Praying for y’all Often! I live on Woodland Road near Grandmary’s home. She and Howard were my friends as well as is Mat and Annie. May God Bring Healing To Little Eliza and Stengthen You All On This Road To Recovery!
    Love & Prayers,
    Kathy Lee

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