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No news is good news



Yes, big brother is wearing tights. No, it wasn’t that cold. Part of his SuperSuit.

Two anecdotes.

Anecdote the first. Eliza has had a really good week. She’s been home since Wednesday, is gaining weight, active and learning new tricks. At any rate, she’s doing so well that yesterday Melissa said it almost made her wonder if they’re really giving her the chemo at all. To which her mom answered “Or it could be that you’ve got pretty much the whole world praying and asking God to protect her from the side effects.” Right.

Anecdote the second. My mom went to get her hair did last week, and her stylist greeted her by asking “How’s Eliza doing? She doesn’t look like she’s sick at all!” and basically recounting the last several blog posts. Her church is praying. Our future teammate Katy’s mom’s church is praying in Iowa. Seminary friends with churches all over the States, college friends in Costa Rica and DC, missionary friends all over Europe and Africa. Of course Faith Community, and other churches in Prague. People we don’t know and will never meet, all consistently and earnestly asking God to heal our little girl.

So, Team Eliza, here are your marching orders for this week.

  • We go in tomorrow for blood work, one of the appointments where we pray they’ll say all the numbers are good and send her back home. Pray for high blood counts and low liver enzymes.
  • Sam and Foard both start school next week. Please pray that the last week of their summer wouldn’t involve a hospital stay for E, and that she’ll be well and happy so we can give the boys lots of attention and have some adventures.
  • Pray for continued protection from chemo side effects. Especially pray for her immune system to be strong as the boys go back to school and bring home whatever they bring home.

Thanks as always for praying.

7 thoughts on “No news is good news

  1. Jake, Just want you to know that the Becomers Class in your “home” church in Warner Robins keep you all in prayer. I forward each new post to the class. Your Mom was member of this class for a long time. :-)


  2. So glad things are going well!

  3. You are full of great news of normal happenings in your household and I am so glad to hear it! Lots of love and prayers to you and Melissa and your precious little babies!

  4. We thank God for the blessings so far and continue to uplift Baby E and her entire family in prayer. May the Lord grant Eliza favourable blood readings so that she can stay away from the hospital and recuperate in the warmth and love at home. We speak against any side effects of chemo in Jesus’ name. By the blood of the lamb, Eliza is protected from any harm. May the Lord strengthen her immune system to fight against any virus that come close. May the shalom peace be upon the parents as they continue to care for the children. Strengthen them and grant them wisdom as they plan their every day. May the boys get quality family time before the school starts. In the most powerful name of our Lord Jesus, amen!

  5. God is good and all of his people are praying. We pray that Eliza’s numbers will be good and that she will be at home with her brothers for this last week of summer vacation. We pray for all of you-you are all superheroes! With thoughts and love from Jackson, GA. Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

  6. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!….So wonderful to hear such great news about Eliza and your family! We will continue to pray for great numbers, strong immune system and a protection from all germs! With continued prayers and love! The Russells

  7. Praying for you guys! I hope you have a great and super fun week before school starts 🙂

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