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One of those days


Yesterday, i.e. the morning after I said “no news is good news,” Melissa and Eliza headed to the hospital for E’s normal blood work. They learned that E’s port had gotten flipped around, meaning they couldn’t get meds in or blood out.

The scary thing about this was that she’s already had chemo in this new port, so it made us wonder whether the meds had gone into her bloodstream, or just into her body where they’re most certainly not supposed to be.

After an hour or so, the doctor gave M the scoop. For some reason the surgeons used a different kind of port this time, and it probably got flipped around while E was playing at home. They got it flipped back around the right way pretty quickly, and hopefully scar tissue and swelling from the incision will help hold it in the right place. Obviously they’ll double check before the next round of chemo to make sure it’s in the right position.

The volume of fluids she was getting, both regular IV and chemo, means that if they hadn’t gone into her bloodstream it would have caused obvious problems right away, like swelling and difficulty breathing. So there’s no reason to think there was any problem. And since chemo was just a couple of hours after the port was put in, it’s almost certain that it flipped since she came home.

And her blood work was fine, so they sent her home.

This was a normal morning, followed by 2 terrifying hours, and then a totally calm rest of the day. It’s hard to explain how exhausting and life-sucking that is. I was about to go for a run, then head into the office for a few hours when M called. I hung around the house until everything seemed ok, then went to work but was in a total fog the rest of the day, unable to really get anything done. Thankfully the boys and Ooh-La-La got to go have a fun adventure with the Davises, so they were none the wiser.

But that’s life right now. Things can seem great, then the rug can be completely yanked out from under us and we’re reeling. Then all’s well again. All in 3 hours.

So now, we’re all home, Eliza’s happy, and we’re grateful. She doesn’t go in again until Tuesday, so please pray that she builds up lots of strength for Round 4. And pray that that &#$* port stays in its place and doesn’t give us any more drama!


8 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Thanks for your updates. Prayers of thanks for your ministry and family continue. Prayers for strength, patience, healing continue as well. I’m a friend of Shanna from RHCC and am blessed to pray for you.

  2. We continue to pray for your strength and smooth sailing for eliza.
    Keep on holding on! He is with you in the “waiting room” too!
    Jake and Jeanne

  3. Y’all are in our prayers here in NC. Sorry to hear about this brief terrifying incident, but rejoicing that it seems to be resolved. Stay strong. Or rather, stay weak, remembering Who is strong. I know you will.

    Peace be with you,

  4. Praying for you all – that the Lord would be completely sufficient and would supply Eliza’s, and your, every need!

  5. What an emotional roller coaster in just a few hours:-( thinking a lot of you guys and of how unbelievably great you are in dealing with this whole situation!

  6. Whew! Scary! Still praying here in TN! Jeff and Sue

  7. Many prayers are with you in Elberton! So sorry you are having to deal with such a scary situation, but may your faith sustain you throughout this ordeal!

    Joe and Kathy Jossey

    • Your continuing trust in His provision and faith that NOTHING can separate you from His love is an on going testimony. I will continue to pray for healing for your daughter and Peace for all the family at this difficult time.
      Alan Schmidt.

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