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Pray this fever down with us.


Eliza ran a low fever most of today, just below the line at which they want us to bring her in. Finally this afternoon when it didn’t respond to ibuprofen we called and they said to come in for blood work.

Thankfully the blood numbers all looked good. There’s no obvious infection, white blood cells and hemoglobin are fine. Everything they checked was normal, and the doctor was not worried. So we’re back home, and her fever has come down almost a whole degree (Celsius) since she went to bed.

But she still has a fever, and fevers are not our friend. Please pray right now that God will bring E’s temp down to normal, that she’ll wake up with no fever and not need any more meds tonight. She goes in Tuesday for her fourth round of chemo; please pray that God will keep her string and healthy for that day.

4 thoughts on “Pray this fever down with us.

  1. Praying for you guys. God has brought your family to my mind so many times in these past few weeks.

  2. If she does have the start of any infection, the fever will help fight it!

  3. Praying, dear bro and sis.

  4. I hope she is doing better! We are praying.

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