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Home again, home again



Yesterday morning the doctor told Melissa she and Eliza could go home in the afternoon, after her IV fluids finished. Then at about 3:00, a nurse came in, started a new IV, and said (in Czech) what really sounded to Melissa like “six hours.” That made us think they wouldn’t be home, as they’d be unlikely to release her that late.

So I prepped to get the boys to bed, then visit the ladies with some dinner for M. As the boys headed up to the bath M called. “Well, they just handed me discharge papers. So I’m not sure what happened, but we get to come home.” Our best guess is that the nurse said šest hodin, six o’clock, rather than šest hodiny, six hours, though M thought she heard her pretty clearly.

But oh well. They’re home. Sam went back to school today, I worked all day, and Foard had adventures with his mom and sister and grandma. It was a beautiful day in Prague. Eliza is a little cranky but doing well. It’s usually day 3 and 4 after chemo that she’s at her lowest, so pray for her nausea and appetite over the next couple of days.

Next week we’ll have blood work and new imaging (at least an MRI, maybe more) to get ready for her surgery, which we think will be the week of 16 September. Please start praying that the tumor will have shrunk dramatically, that the surgery will be successful, and that God will make her body strong for the operation and recovery.

And one more: please pray that Foard will skip the fever virus that hit his brother and sister. Thanks friends.

8 thoughts on “Home again, home again

  1. Jake, we love your family. We have a picture of Sam, Foard, and Eliza on our refrigerator to remind ourselves and our daughter (Ellie, 4) to pray for you guys. Keep pressing on.

  2. Home again, home again, jiggedy, jig! Such great news for all. Praying for minimal side effects, that the tumor is shrinking daily, and that the fever virus has run its course. Love from Jackson, GA.
    Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

  3. Praying! So thankful God has your family in the palm of his hand.

  4. My prayer is the Lord will care for every detail for your family’s needs in a big way! Praying now for Eliza’s surgery to go so well!

  5. Praying for everything you have mentioned, for everything you need. You all are so brave! Moc vám přeju dobré a klidné dny!

  6. Praying…and will be especially these next couple of days.

  7. I continue to hold you in my thoughts and prayers. Praying for strength for this next stretch of the journey. I agree with Anna, you are all so brave. God is with you x

  8. Continuing to pray, but I had to mention that I love that Melissa is rocking the Club Eighty t-shirt from college. Amazing!

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