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MRI tomorrow


We got a pleasant surprise today: we expected Eliza and Melissa to be at the hospital overnight, but they sent her home and said just to come first thing in the morning. We think it was because the ward was super crowded, but another night at home is always welcome.

Her blood work showed that one of the liver numbers they test, one that had dropped dramatically with chemo, had ticked back up just a little. This could be anything from an error in the test itself (the doctor explained how that could have happened) to some of the cells in the tumor not responding to the chemo meds (which isn’t abnormal). In any case it probably is not a big deal, but if the MRI tomorrow shows anything concerning they will move the surgery date up.

So please pray that will turn out not to be anything: a testing error, or something that doesn’t affect the size of the tumor or the difficulty of getting it out.

Please pray too for the MRI. E can’t eat after midnight, like a Gremlin, because of the general anesthesia. Pray that they’ll take her right in when she gets to the hospital, that the anesthesia won’t give her any trouble, that the MRI results will be clear and encouraging, and that she’ll be able to come home in the afternoon. We have another birthday party to get ready for.

Today's new trick: mastering the stairs.

Today’s new trick: mastering the stairs.


3 thoughts on “MRI tomorrow

  1. Praying!!! lol’ed at the gremlin line! 🙂

  2. Will pray.

  3. Aka “stair master”

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