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MRI update


Sorry for the non-post yesterday– we didn’t know anything, but could have told you that!

We just spoke with our oncologist. Praise God: Eliza’s MRI showed nothing unusual, and the tumor is smaller, as expected. The oncologists would still like to move the surgery date up if possible, just because getting the tumor out sooner is better than later. But the head surgeon was out today, so we won’t have an answer on that until Monday.

To be clear, the surgery wasn’t delayed; it was just scheduled for later than we had thought it would be. It’s well within the recommended timeframe for treatment, so just a matter of getting surgeons’ schedules worked out.

We were more fearful this morning than usual, just because of that higher count from the blood work. And we’d like the surgery as soon as possible, because we want that stupid tumor out of our little girl’s body. But if they had seen something concerning today, they would have changed the plan. No obvious reason to change the plan is good news.

Please pray that the surgeons and oncologists will all agree on whatever’s best timing-wise, and pray for our hearts as we wait. For now, please pray that we don’t have any surprises between now and Wednesday– Foard’s birthday. He’s really been feeling the middle-kid, sick-sister, brand-new-school, still-3 squeeze lately, and we want to celebrate him with lots of good attention.

Seriously, wouldn't you love to give this face some good attention?

Seriously, wouldn’t you love to give this face some good attention?

6 thoughts on “MRI update

  1. Praying.

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  2. 1) Still praying. 2) Your kids are adorable. ADORABLE. 3) Love you guys – and seriously, let us know of anything you may need.

  3. Awesome!! Asking for the Lord to set your hearts at rest in His presence. And yes- would love to get to love on that boy! Praying that y’all have an uneventful few days and get to celebrate big!!

  4. Rejoicing in this good report and praying for the upcoming surgery. BIG birthday wishes for Foard and his special day!!!

  5. I am glad everything is going as well as it is! I wondered if I had missed yesterday’s post. Thanks for the update! Praying for all!

  6. We at Sandhills PCA just want you to know that we are praying for Eliza and the whole family. What great news to hear an MRI confirms what we pray in faith! Have a wonderful birthday, Foard!

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