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No more tumor!


Eliza is out of surgery and in the ICU. Will give more details when I have a real keyboard, but everything went perfectly. Blood loss was one of the main concerns, and it was minimal (relative to what’s possible for this surgery).

We’ve been in to see her and will stay until late tonight. We can’t spend the night in the ICU, but she’s heavily sedated and has no idea what’s going on anyway. We expect her to be moved tomorrow to a room where we can stay.

She looks great and the ICU staff are very attentive and kind. We are relieved and rejoicing. The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

26 thoughts on “No more tumor!

  1. Amen and Amen!! So thankful. Joel and Cindy

  2. Praise the Lord. We are still praying. Blessings.

  3. Thank you Abba! Please keep on breathing vibrant life and rapid healing into her body!

  4. Wonderful to hear!! Praising the Lord for His grace!

  5. Thank you! I am so happy for the good news! Praying for all good for sweet Eliza and your family.

  6. Such temendously good news! Will continue praying for recovery.

  7. Wonderful news! praying for a swift recovery. “I will extol the Lord at all times; His praise will always be on my lips.” Psalm34:1 “Our God is an awesome God!”

  8. Will keep holding ya’ll up!

  9. Praise the Lord! I rejoice with you guys, and continue to pray for sweet Eliza and your family!

  10. Praising our Lord and Saviour with you, and continuing to lift you all up.

  11. PTL !!!

    Jim and Gloria Stovall

  12. Praise the Lord! May the Lord bless Eliza complete healing.

  13. Awesome – what a wonderful answer to prayer!! PTL!

  14. Yes and Amen!! So grateful!! Rejoicing with y’all!

  15. Praise the Lord! What wonderful news! Will continue to pray for ease of recovery!

  16. Joyful news! Thank you, God! Praying for continued good news.

  17. Thankful to hear the good news, and praying you are able to rest in body and heart tonight.

  18. So, so happy to hear the news.

  19. Praising God with you!!Ted and LB

  20. It was such a gift to us be united to this blessing story by being asked to pray and praying throughout the day (thank you for yhis ministry to us), and wrestling with God for you and all of us to combine “praying according to His will” (1 John?), which means asking Him how to pray about it beyond the natural/obvious to the super-natural, in tandem with “let your requests be mad known to God with thanksgiving” (Phil. 4?), which means He knows what we want and wants us to not piously hide it but tell Him. Like Jesus in Gesthemene. I think we are much challenged and weak in the former than in the latter. God bless, bless Eliza and her brothers and parents, whatever that looks like, to His glory, and to our receiving it as His love. Continuing to pray.

  21. Praising God with you!! We’ll continue to pray.


  23. Thanks be to God! he does answer prayers!

  24. Prayed for you all today! May you have sweet rest tonight. His mercies are new every morning!

  25. We are rejoicing in the great news that today has brought!!! We have been praying for your little darling and will continue to as she recovers! We are so grateful for the Lord’s great care!! May the Lord give you strength as you care for Eliza and your boys. I can’t image all that you all have been through, but I’m so grateful that you have a savior who does and has carried you through this! We send our love and prayers! Praise the Lord!

  26. Amen and amen! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!

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