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Not much to report today, which is fine. It turns out the reason E wasn’t ready to go off the vent yesterday is that she has some swelling in her trachea, probably due to the tube itself, which is normal. They wanted her to rest all day today and they’ll try it again tomorrow.

So rest she did. We sat in the room all day with a break for lunch, and treated ourselves to breaching the hospital grounds and heading to a nearby food court. Eliza stirs about every hour when the sedative wears off, they give it to her again, and she settles right back down. All her numbers are good and stable.

Leaving her at night is hard, but good for our sanity. Thanks to everyone who’s asked and prayed specifically about that. Tonight Melissa left early enough to be here to put the boys to bed after Bible study, so that was sweet. We feel good about the doctors and nurses; they’re very attentive and answer all our questions.

Two big prayers for the next couple of days:

  • Pray that she’ll breathe well when they take the tube out, and that they won’t try to take it out until there’s good reason to think she’s ready.
  • Pray that all her vital signs will continue to hold, and for protection against infection.

The boys are doing great. Foard went to school without crying for the first time today– we give Grampa all the credit. (New school, with lots of Czech, in the middle of all this = perfect storm.) Both of them are being helpful and kind, not whining about where we are, and understanding Eliza needs us to be with her. We are so proud of them.

God is faithful, and he is showing us this in large part through the faithfulness of our army of pray-ers. We are grateful to God and all of you. Please keep it up!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday

  1. Great to read such a positive message! Still praying!

  2. that ICU rule – having to leave at night – is probably one of the hardest for parents the world ’round. I think, like you’ve found, it’s also good for everyone’s sanity the world ’round as well. thankful for God’s walking with you through that, as hard as it is. praying for her comfort and rest (and your continued sanity!) when they attempt to extubate her and wean her off sedation meds…

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