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the hunts in prague



Another waiting day today. They didn’t try to take the tube out– perhaps tomorrow. We’re ok with that; we don’t want them to have to put it back in again once they pull it out.

We learned a few specifics in a good conversation with one of the ICU docs. She has some fluid on (not in) her lungs, owing to all the fluids they’re pumping into her. This is normal, and they’re giving her a diuretic to help her kidneys process it all. There’s already less fluid than yesterday. There are no signs of inflammation anywhere. Her heart and all other organs are fine, doing exactly what they expect.

In the next day or so they’ll start a delicate process of weaning her off some pain and sedation meds, while still managing her discomfort. She’s getting morphine, which slows down her breathing, so they don’t want to do that forever. But again, everything is going fine, no cause for concern.

That’s the medical side. On the parent side, today was harder. It feels less like she’s recovering and more like she’s in a coma, although that’s not true. There’s not the obvious forward progress we would love to see, although the doctors are completely happy. Even though she has no idea we’re there with her, we feel guilty and torn every time we leave.

So pray for her continued and quickening progress, and pray for us in the meantime. We are tired and fragile, but grateful for all the good news. Pray that the good news, not our worries and fears, will stay in the forefront of our minds.

In other accomplishments: This guy wrote his first letter today!

In other accomplishments: This guy wrote his first letter today!

6 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Holding Eliza’s precious parents in our prayers. I can’t imagine watching such a little one like that, but am glad you are able to keep the big picture in your minds. I am so grateful that Melissa’s parents can be there with the boys so you can focus on Eliza’s recovery. Please remember to take care of Eliza’s parents-they are precious people and she will need them a lot in the next few weeks. Hugs and kisses to the boys!!!

  2. Following the progress and praying for you all. Yeah for letter writing! Soon Sam and Foard will be teaching E how to write her letters. Love from Jackson, GA.
    Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

  3. Praying. It sounds so hard. And anxiety is so strong when there’s nothing you can do, even though your mind knows to just be patient.
    Love to you all.

  4. We are glad that 3 successful days have passed and the 4th ending soon. We pray for continued progress.

    The Taylors First Baptist Church church plant team will be in Prague in a week and will try to look you up.. They will be working with A SBC Church Planter in Prague, maybe name Martin.

    Blessings to each of you.

    Jim and Gloria

  5. That precious smile on Foard’s face says it all, there is peace and where the peace of God reigns he is at work. My prayers and love to you all today and every day.
    Sheri Smith

  6. A friend shared your blog with me. Although you do not know me, I thought it might be encouraging for you to know that you are prayed for from Glenside, PA. You are on the church’s prayer chain. We will keep on praying!

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