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the hunts in prague


Just one more!

Eliza’s in the hospital today for her last round of chemo! We don’t know exactly what happens next– we know there will be frequent scans and tests for a while. But God willing, after tomorrow we should be in a check-up phase instead of a treatment phase. Unbelievable.

The surgeon came in and flipped her port without surgery again– we’re pretty sure our oncologist makes him do that to punish him for putting in a port that keeps flipping around. And she’s up to her highest pre-fluids weight yet– just over 9 kilos. The doctor was very happy with that.

Please pray for an uneventful rest of today, that the needle will stay still and not cause problems, and that the girls will be released tomorrow afternoon. And pray that this is the last cancer treatment Eliza will ever have to have.





Remember the elusive Daily Double? Even more elusive is pulling it off twice in one year. That’s called a Double Down Double. Hunts win again!

Eliza had her weekly blood work scheduled today. She’s been doing so well that we felt pretty good about them just sending her home, not making her wait for results. So we had a friend of Sam’s coming over to play, a friend of ours watching them for a couple of hours until Melissa got home, and me going to 2 meetings, but ready to pick up Foard and/or come home if the girls took longer than we thought. Oh, the plan was beautiful. Until…

Sam’s thumb got slammed in the car door. While getting out from picking up his friend. It was bleeding. He was screaming. Our babysitting friend arrived. She held Eliza while M tended to Sam. So Eliza screamed.

What worked out nicely was that we suddenly had 2 kids who both needed to go to the hospital. So we all went together. Our friend took Sam’s friend home. (Foard’s still at school, blissfully unaware.) They recognized us in the foreigners’ department, again. Melissa went with E to get her blood drawn. I went with Sam to get cleaned up, then X-rays, then shots, stitches, splint and bandage. We all finished at the same time, just in time to head to pick up Foard. Just like we did it in practice.

Sam’s fine. He’ll need a lot of Tylenol for a few days, and the bandage gets changed Friday. He enjoys explaining all the things he can and can’t do with his “cast.” (It’s a bandage, but just let him have this one, ok?) Eliza’s fine too– stomach and diaper rash improving, aggressively crawling and tumbling all over the place.

So the moral of this story is: keep praying for us!

  • Pray for Eliza’s continued improvement, for strength for one more round of chemo next week, and that it will be her last treatment, ever.
  • Pray for Sam’s thumb to heal quickly, that it won’t get infected, and that he won’t be in much pain.
  • Pray for God to protect our family. It certainly feels like we have a target on our backs.

When the servant of the man of God rose early in the morning and went out, behold, an army with horses and chariots was all around the city. And the servant said, “Alas, my master! What shall we do?”  He said, “Do not be afraid, for those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”  Then Elisha prayed and said, “O LORD, please open his eyes that he may see.” So the LORD opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw, and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha. (2 Kings 6:15-17)


More Praises

Thanks for praying & checking in!

Boys’ checkups were good.  Both of the their BMIs were low… doctor calls them, ‘solid muscle.’  This is not news to us.  Wrestle with them sometime and it won’t be news to you, either.

Eliza’s diaper rash is clearing up!  Makes me feel silly for not having asked yall to pray about it last week.  Thank you, Lord!

After doctor’s appointments we had a lovely day with friends hiking around the fields near our house, then dinner with our neighbors two doors down.  A sweet full day.

Normal weekly blood tests tomorrow, a play date for Sam, dinner with another friend, and haircuts to come.  Life is indeed returning to normal.  We are thankful.


Back to (the new) normal


Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Still lots of comings and goings in our world!

Eliza had her 5th round of chemo this week with no problems. They were able to get her port flipped without surgery, meaning without anesthesia, which was great. I stayed in the hospital with her so Melissa could get lots of time in with Carrie, whose visit was a sweet gift to all of us, but especially M.

On Wednesday they were going to let us out at 6 pm, but I boldly negotiated a 3pm release with a promise of giving her lots of fluids. Meaning I’m a better negotiator than most of the US Congress, apparently. *rimshot*

She had her usual tiredness & (relatively) low appetite for a couple of days, but a good week. I don’t wish to be indelicate, but she has had some stomach issues, and diaper rash related to same. We think those are slowing down, and are probably related to her digestive system getting back into gear. Extra tests haven’t shown any infection or anything. And the liver markers they watch in her blood are approaching normal levels, coming down just as they should. All signs everywhere are good. Thank you God.

It is so great to see her thriving: making more sounds, crawling more easily, pointing at what she wants, laughing, smiling, waving. Today we went to the playground and she was all about checking everything out. A glimpse of a normal second year that we believe is on the way.

The boys have well visits and vaccines tomorrow. Part of the new normal is that every doctor’s visit is scary for us. I’ve never been afraid to take a kid to the doctor before, but now I’m sort of terrified that tomorrow our world will implode again. So please pray for good health for them, and for our hearts as we fight against fear.

Please pray for good numbers on Tuesday at her checkup, and for her strength to build up before her LAST ROUND OF CHEMO at the end of the month. Pray for the diaper rash to go away. (Sam’s first reply Saturday when M asked “What’s something you’d like to see happen today?” was “I hope Eliza’s bottom will feel better.” It hasn’t, so help us pray.) Pray for continued good results from all the tests, and that November starts a post-cancer season that lasts the rest of our lives. Pray for our hearts as we seek to live in trust and not in fear.


Round 5

Eliza has had several great days at home. Tonight we’re back at the hospital because tomorrow she starts her 5th round of chemo. Before she can do that, they have to check out the situation with the port. You remember the port. It’s flipped over twice. It’s still flipped, meaning it’s not usable and she has to get stuck every time they need blood to come out or fluids to come in. Boo.

So tomorrow she goes into surgery first thing in the morning. The surgeon will try to flip the port back over and make sure he can get a needle into it. If that doesn’t work, they’ll install some sort of cath that will serve the same purpose. They won’t do another internal port, since she only has 2 more rounds of chemo and it only needs to last about 2 weeks.

Then she should start chemo tomorrow afternoon, and we hope she’ll come home Wednesday. We hope this especially because our sweet friend Carrie is here, and we want to make the best of our time with her (especially M’s). So please pray for 2 things:

  • That they’ll get the port fixed and accessible for the last 2 rounds of chemo
  • That she’ll do fine with chemo tomorrow and get sent home Wednesday morning.
  • Other good news: Blood numbers are where they should be, and everything else they’re watching looks good. E continues to get stronger every day– she’s back to climbing stairs (under heavy supervision). She’s eating like a horse. The boys have always loved Carrie so they’re happy. And we just had a great weekend celebrating Faith Community becoming a self-governing church, with friends visiting from Charlotte to be a part of that. More of that in another post, but that’s what we’ve been up to.

    Thank you for continuing to pray. We are approaching the final laps of this race, and we feel as tired as you do at the end of a marathon (I assume). Please continue to pray us across the finish line.




    2 pieces of very good news.

    Eliza is home!


    More importantly, Eliza had a clear CT scan today! So there are still liver numbers to watch, chemo treatments to go through, and miles to go before we sleep. But there’s no indication of any tumors in her body. As far as we can tell, she’s on the road to health. The LORD is a warrior; the LORD is his name.

    She is so happy to be home. At dinner she just kept looking around at everyone and smiling. She worked more on crawling and was excited to see all her toys. She is THRILLED to see her brothers, and they her. Foard laughed and skipped around for the first 15 minutes we were home. M picked up Sam at school and he jumped up and down when he saw her.

    The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy. The journey is not over, but today is a really, really good day. All of you have helped by storming the throne of God’s grace on our behalf. Thank you.

    She goes in Monday for her next chemo treatment. We have a big weekend as Faith Community is organized as a self-governing church, and we also just want to be together, so we’ll probably have lighter updates for a few days. Thank you for continuing to hold us up in prayer.

    The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.



    Tuesday: last night (we hope we hope we hope)


    Today Eliza had an ultrasound that showed everything looks good on her liver, and that it’s healing well. She also had some sort of blood test that meant we had to go to the Nuclear Medicine wing, so there’s that. And an ENT test that confirmed all her E’s, N and T are normal. This is especially good news because hearing loss is sometimes a side effect of the chemo drug she’s had.

    Tomorrow she has a CT scan, which we hope will confirm there’s no sign of cancer anywhere else in her body. She’s had at least one of these, I think 2, and they’ve all been normal, so we’re expecting good news. (You can probably tell I’m preaching to myself some here.)

    If everything is as we expect, she’ll come home tomorrow. Please pray this happens. We are so beyond ready to have our family together again. The boys haven’t seen their sister in over 2 weeks, except for a quick hug from Foard in the lobby yesterday. Melissa hasn’t been home for a week and a half. It’s time.

    Most of all, please pray for the tests to be accurate and the news to be good. And pray for us to trust God, whatever the news is. He is a rock for our feet. He is good.