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Lungs: check. Now stomach’s turn.


Good news: E moved from the ICU to the surgical ward today. An important step. Her breathing is fine and she’s more alert.

Puzzling news: She had a lot of vomiting yesterday and this morning. They put her NG tube back in to pull the yucky stuff out of her stomach, thinking that when it decreased that would show her stomach was kicking into gear. But tests tonight confirmed there’s blood in that stuff. M didn’t completely understand the doctor, but we think that they think it has to do with something the liver helps the stomach do, that it’s not doing properly yet because she only has half a liver, and it’s had a big week.

Doctors aren’t panicked, but blood in the stomach is concerning, and it doesn’t seem to be resolving itself the way they hoped it would. They’re going to do a couple of things tonight that we’re not exactly clear on. Pray those things work, that they give the doctors answers and that her little digestive system would start up like her breathing did.

Take a minute to pray right now, if you would. This is a hard night for us.

20 thoughts on “Lungs: check. Now stomach’s turn.

  1. Praying for your precious family.

  2. Praying right now.

  3. Praying….in the name of Jesus may God bring healing to Eliza.

  4. Please let Melissa know that her “Mulberry mommas” are praying for all of you. We lift you up in our Tuesday Morning prayer group each week and pray “without ceasing” privately.

    Carol & Cam

  5. Oh dear We put our kids on ranitidine (like anti-acid meds) when they are post-op in ICU. The stress alone can cause gastritis (the blood you see in the stomach contents). This will improve now that she’s off the ventilator. We will pray she can eat soon.

  6. Praying.

  7. Praying right now!

  8. Now I know why I have stayed up late tonight. I am praying. Connie

  9. Praying for y’all right now… Have been all day… And the boys pray for Eliza every meal and at bedtime. We love you!!!! Wallis family

    Sent from my iPhone

  10. We are praying!!!

  11. Praying!

  12. Praying for E’s physical health, Mom and Dad’s emotional strength, and wisdom for the doctors!

  13. We haven’t commented on here before, but want you to know we follow your updates daily and pray constantly for baby Eliza. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  14. Thankful for these regular updates, Jake. And praying.

  15. Praying now….and every night.

  16. Praying for that little stomach now – and for the fear and concern you are feeling exacerbated by not even being able to understand all of what is going on. He is sheltering you all under his mother hen wings. Jehovah-Rapha. Healer. The one who sees.

  17. Praying for quick resolution and good communication with the medical staff.

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