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Wednesday: Boring is good.


We had a pretty boring day, which was welcome after the drama last night. Thanks to everyone for praying immediately– within an hour after our post we had some more data and, beyond that, a greater sense of peace.

Before bed last night, they gave Eliza meds to stop any bleeding in her stomach. Some quick texts and emails with medical friends also confirmed that the presence of blood wasn’t abnormal, just one more thing to deal with. She had a good night’s rest. The fluid from the NG tube was much lighter and clearer today.

They also continue to wean her off the heavy pain meds– that should be finished by morning. To compensate they’re giving her Tylenol, and also a light sedative to help get through some of the withdrawal symptoms. So she’s pretty tranquil, but somewhat alert. Her eyes follow us, she knows when it’s one of us and when it’s a nurse, and she kind of stares at us like an insolent teenager.

We did have some exciting moments when we brought toys in today. She played with one of her books that has moving pieces, and when M brought in a toy from the ward’s play area she messed with it with her hand for a few minutes.

Her abdomen looks and sounds much better to the doctors today. Hopefully tomorrow she can take some fluids by mouth. Pray for that, and for her to continue to regain strength. They plan to dismiss her straight to the oncology ward so that she can get her next round of chemo, then come home for more recovery. Though we know that will be intense, we’re glad for the plan to minimize hospital time. Please pray that happens in the next week or so.

5 thoughts on “Wednesday: Boring is good.

  1. Sounds like she is progressing well! Still praying for all of you every day!

  2. Great news!

  3. Thank you for the picture! I am with you in prayers!

  4. Thank you for all the updates. We have kept Eliza and family in prayer. April keeps us informed also. Love and hugs to all.

  5. So thankful for her wakefulness, independant breathing, and playing! God is good and she is healing! Praying for by mouth intake, resolving blood in stomach, continued increase in strength, and pain control for Eliza. I cannot imagine the stress of seeing your sweet little girl go through so very much trauma. I am praying for your strength and peace. Love to you all.

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