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Thursday: Progress!


The news today is all good. E drank a few ounces of fluids in short bursts through the day, always wanting more, but docs wanted us to take it slow. This afternoon they took her NG tube out. She’s almost done weaning off the big pain meds, and wasn’t on any sedation today. We hope she can start milk tomorrow.

She doesn’t rest as deeply as we would like, but that’s the tradeoff of being done with sedation. She’s more alert, following with her eyes, playing with her feet, and starting to realize she’d just as soon not have all this stuff strapped to her.

I would describe her overall demeanor as “Not Impressed.”

She is doing much better now, but caring for her is more work, especially when she doesn’t nap for long. So pray especially for strength for M. And pray her progress includes and speeds up. Thanks!


5 thoughts on “Thursday: Progress!

  1. So thankful! We are praying for E with the kids every day. They love this little girl across the ocean they have never met!

  2. So good to read your positive news. Paying for continuing progress and speedy recovery.

  3. Wonderful news! Praise God.

  4. So glad things are good! God is so good!

  5. Nikolas and I continue to pray for E every night! Sending hugs!

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