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Friday: on the way back






The tone for my day was set when I walked into E’s room. First, she was lying in Melissa’s lap, not in the bed. Second, she smiled and waved when she saw me. Though she’s still plenty uncomfortable, and generally Not Impressed, we had several little glimpses of our girl coming back. There were a few smiles and at least one giggle. She drank several ounces from bottles and nursed a few times. Her stomach and lungs continue to sound good (whatever that means).

We also have a better idea of the plan from here. E only has 2 things still attached: An IV for nutritional fluids and a drain tube from her incision site. The IV will be done by Sunday at the latest, they tell us, and as soon as they confirm that there’s no more draining from the surgery itself, they’ll take that out and dismiss her to our old stomping grounds, the oncology ward. She’ll get her next round of chemo there, and then come home to continue recovery.

The move could happen this weekend, but it shouldn’t be any later than Monday. That could mean her coming home by the middle or end of next week. Of course we don’t want to move faster than she’s ready for, but we also know she thrives at home, so we want her to be ready for that as soon as possible. So please pray that her liver and incision will heal, that her stomach will continue to kick into gear, and that she’ll be strong enough for chemo in the next couple of days.

We’ve missed the little girl we saw some of today, and we are so glad to see her coming back! God is good to us.


9 thoughts on “Friday: on the way back

  1. Your update is great! So glad to hear!

  2. We keep praying every day! (By the way, I happen to know some inside info about the liver: it is one of the most resilient organs in your body! I know because my friend almost split hers in half while mountain-biking with me. But people prayed for her, too!)

  3. Encouraging news! Thank you for the updates! We will continue to lift you all up in prayer! Prayer is powerful, and we worship a God who is mighty to save and to heal. Continue to cling to God’s truth. We love you all and miss you guys!

  4. She is so my hero!

  5. Yay! I know you were blessed by today’s events :). We are praying!! And send love your way….
    The Thomas Family

  6. So nice to see that hint of smile in the first picture. A good sign!

  7. Think that I see a smile behind E’s pacifer to M fingering the Itsy Bitsy Spider. So wonderful to see movement and joy and healing. Continuing to pray for you all. Love from Jackson, GA. Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

  8. Praise the Lord! We are still praying and rejoicing with you.

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