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Tuesday: last night (we hope we hope we hope)



Today Eliza had an ultrasound that showed everything looks good on her liver, and that it’s healing well. She also had some sort of blood test that meant we had to go to the Nuclear Medicine wing, so there’s that. And an ENT test that confirmed all her E’s, N and T are normal. This is especially good news because hearing loss is sometimes a side effect of the chemo drug she’s had.

Tomorrow she has a CT scan, which we hope will confirm there’s no sign of cancer anywhere else in her body. She’s had at least one of these, I think 2, and they’ve all been normal, so we’re expecting good news. (You can probably tell I’m preaching to myself some here.)

If everything is as we expect, she’ll come home tomorrow. Please pray this happens. We are so beyond ready to have our family together again. The boys haven’t seen their sister in over 2 weeks, except for a quick hug from Foard in the lobby yesterday. Melissa hasn’t been home for a week and a half. It’s time.

Most of all, please pray for the tests to be accurate and the news to be good. And pray for us to trust God, whatever the news is. He is a rock for our feet. He is good.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday: last night (we hope we hope we hope)

  1. Praying…. Love y’all! k

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Praying praying praying

  3. You are right, God is good and her test results will be too. Imagine He is holding not only E but all of you in the snuggly palm of his hand. Praying for the best news ever.

  4. I hope and pray for all good results for Eliza and you!

  5. Praying that stepping out of the hospital tomorrow is the first in a long list of firsts for your precious jewel… and your entire family!

  6. We pray that all test results will be good and that all of you will be at home tomorrow. God is good and we do trust him in everything.
    Love from Jackson, GA. Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

  7. Jake, Melissa, Foard and Sam,

    We are humbled for the look on Eliza and Jake’s faces. God is good!! We pray for the time Eliza and Melissa can go home and trust this will be Wednesday.


    Jim and Gloria

  8. Such a Great picture of Dad and Eliza. So glad to see the smiling faces. Prayers going up that all tests will be positive news and that the girls get to go home!!!

  9. All of you continue to be in our constant thoughts and prayers.

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