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the hunts in prague

Round 5


Eliza has had several great days at home. Tonight we’re back at the hospital because tomorrow she starts her 5th round of chemo. Before she can do that, they have to check out the situation with the port. You remember the port. It’s flipped over twice. It’s still flipped, meaning it’s not usable and she has to get stuck every time they need blood to come out or fluids to come in. Boo.

So tomorrow she goes into surgery first thing in the morning. The surgeon will try to flip the port back over and make sure he can get a needle into it. If that doesn’t work, they’ll install some sort of cath that will serve the same purpose. They won’t do another internal port, since she only has 2 more rounds of chemo and it only needs to last about 2 weeks.

Then she should start chemo tomorrow afternoon, and we hope she’ll come home Wednesday. We hope this especially because our sweet friend Carrie is here, and we want to make the best of our time with her (especially M’s). So please pray for 2 things:

  • That they’ll get the port fixed and accessible for the last 2 rounds of chemo
  • That she’ll do fine with chemo tomorrow and get sent home Wednesday morning.
  • Other good news: Blood numbers are where they should be, and everything else they’re watching looks good. E continues to get stronger every day– she’s back to climbing stairs (under heavy supervision). She’s eating like a horse. The boys have always loved Carrie so they’re happy. And we just had a great weekend celebrating Faith Community becoming a self-governing church, with friends visiting from Charlotte to be a part of that. More of that in another post, but that’s what we’ve been up to.

    Thank you for continuing to pray. We are approaching the final laps of this race, and we feel as tired as you do at the end of a marathon (I assume). Please continue to pray us across the finish line.



    10 thoughts on “Round 5

    1. “Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise;
      give thanks to him and praise his name”!
      Psalm 100 vs 4

    2. I love the THREE beautiful girls in these pictures! Carrie, give them an enormous hug for us! Eliza, continue to be the healthiest and cutest little patient – we’re praying for you, sweet girl!

    3. Forever God is faithful, Forever God is strong. Lean on Him, and He will carry you across the finish line! 🙂 We are thankful for all of your good news.

    4. Will continue to pray.

    5. Not quite sure whose smile is biggest, M’s or E’s. Blessings on you all and prayers continue to go up!

    6. PTL, again and again. Praying for the next two days.


      Jim and Gloria

    7. Pictures of smiling adults are wonderful but a picture of a smiling child just lifts my heart, a glimpse of God, reason to rejoice. Praying for port flip, easy chemo, and home again. With love from Jackson, GA. Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

    8. Eliza looks great and seems to have done very well with this whole ordeal! So thankful for that! Continuing to pray for the last two treatments to go well too!

    9. Thoughts and prayers are with you daily! I know you are emotionally and physically exhausted, but so glad that the treatment has been successful!

    10. Praying. So sorry about the port. Praying things will go as well as possible and her pain is minimal.

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