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Back to (the new) normal



Sorry for the lack of posts this week. Still lots of comings and goings in our world!

Eliza had her 5th round of chemo this week with no problems. They were able to get her port flipped without surgery, meaning without anesthesia, which was great. I stayed in the hospital with her so Melissa could get lots of time in with Carrie, whose visit was a sweet gift to all of us, but especially M.

On Wednesday they were going to let us out at 6 pm, but I boldly negotiated a 3pm release with a promise of giving her lots of fluids. Meaning I’m a better negotiator than most of the US Congress, apparently. *rimshot*

She had her usual tiredness & (relatively) low appetite for a couple of days, but a good week. I don’t wish to be indelicate, but she has had some stomach issues, and diaper rash related to same. We think those are slowing down, and are probably related to her digestive system getting back into gear. Extra tests haven’t shown any infection or anything. And the liver markers they watch in her blood are approaching normal levels, coming down just as they should. All signs everywhere are good. Thank you God.

It is so great to see her thriving: making more sounds, crawling more easily, pointing at what she wants, laughing, smiling, waving. Today we went to the playground and she was all about checking everything out. A glimpse of a normal second year that we believe is on the way.

The boys have well visits and vaccines tomorrow. Part of the new normal is that every doctor’s visit is scary for us. I’ve never been afraid to take a kid to the doctor before, but now I’m sort of terrified that tomorrow our world will implode again. So please pray for good health for them, and for our hearts as we fight against fear.

Please pray for good numbers on Tuesday at her checkup, and for her strength to build up before her LAST ROUND OF CHEMO at the end of the month. Pray for the diaper rash to go away. (Sam’s first reply Saturday when M asked “What’s something you’d like to see happen today?” was “I hope Eliza’s bottom will feel better.” It hasn’t, so help us pray.) Pray for continued good results from all the tests, and that November starts a post-cancer season that lasts the rest of our lives. Pray for our hearts as we seek to live in trust and not in fear.

4 thoughts on “Back to (the new) normal

  1. This is all so great to hear! Sounds like things are moving along perfectly! Her poor little bottom WILL get better! Continuing to pray!

  2. Prayers for good numbers and life without cancer! Just spent the last several hours with Cindi and Bill. It was so good to see them and hear how the last few days have been. Throughout this time, we have been able to feel you trusting in God and even though there must have been times when it was hard to breathe because of fear it is evident in all of the posts that you never let it rule, always trusting God in every decision. God is good and He loves you!
    Love in Christ from Jackson, GA. Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

  3. praying with y’all…for diaper rash, for doctor’s visits and a new cancer free normal that lasts the rest of your lives 🙂 greetings from down south…

  4. We love to hear good news. God is so good! So happy to hear Eliza is getting back to normal activity. Still continuing to pray daily for all of you.

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