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the hunts in prague




We have been loved very well the last few months. Our Prague friends have been amazing and have not tired of asking what we need. On top of that, we’ve had a steady stream of people coming from the States to stay with us and pitch in. We want to tell you about some of them, and the obvious place to start is Grandma Cindi, or as she’s better known around here, Ooh-La-La.

Like many people, Cindi would have been happy to jump on a plane the second E was diagnosed. She held her herself back admirably until mid-August, when we looked at the calendar and everything that had to happen and said “time to call in the big guns.” So she came over, dove in, learned how our house runs, and stayed two months, keeping us afloat.

Just a few of her accomplishments:

  • Mastered driving a foreign car in a foreign country
  • Taught Eliza to climb up the stairs
  • Learned the boys’ schedules, including varying pickup & dropoff times, which days Sam needs to take PE clothes and goggles, and what lunch items are most successful
  • Made countless loaves of sweet potato bread
  • Taught Foard to write two letters
  • Stayed with Eliza anytime we had to be 2 separate places, giving her a familiar face when she was super clingy
  • Knew that cheese rohliky differ from one grocery store to another, and which are ok for Foard to snack on
  • Accompanied Foard on two field trips with moms she barely knew
  • Finished making the lunches & packing the bags that our brains were too scattered to carry through on.
  • Didn’t bat an eye when Melissa chose a crazy complicated hat for her next knitting project
  • Continued working through all her “down” hours to keep things going at her real job with real kids who also need her love & expertise.


We are so grateful to Cindi for stepping into our world. We’re grateful to Grampa and the rest of the family who gave her up for so long, the friends who gave her buddy passes to fly, and the understanding coworkers who freed her to be here indefinitely. And of course we’re grateful to God that all these pieces came together to help us keep our sanity during a really trying season. We love you Ooh-La-La!


5 thoughts on “Ooh-La-La!

  1. Wow, Ooh-La-La is a true gift. Gives me hope for what I want to be for my kids when they get older.

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. What a praise for a grandmother such as this! 🙂

  3. AMEN for Ooh-La-La and all of the extra hands. Thanks be to God.
    Love from Jackson, GA Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

  4. Such a sweet account of OOh -la -la ‘s time in Prague. She sure was a blessing to many of us!

  5. We were all very relieved knowing that she was over there taking care of EVERYONE! Reminds me of a cute sign I once saw which stated “God couldn’t be everywhere so he made Grandmothers!” Love you all and a special thanks to a very special grandmother!

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