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Out, @^&#ed port!

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With the exception of the weeks after her surgery, Eliza has had a chemo treatment basically every other Tuesday since July. Every time, she would really hit a stride– eating well, gaining weight, generally happy– the weekend before, just in time to get knocked down again by those wonderful, terrible meds.

She hit that stride again this weekend, and today she didn’t have another round of chemo. Instead she had her regular weekly blood count, which showed continued good news. And tomorrow, she’ll have a brief surgery to remove the port that has delivered those chemo meds.

You’ll recall that our oncologist told us “I think you just have bad luck with ports.” The first one got a stubborn infection and had to be removed. The current one has flipped over repeatedly, so that it takes a surgeon coming in to make it usable. So we’ve had our share of frustrations with it, but the technology is really incredible. It has done its job, and now we are happy to say thank you, goodbye, and good riddance.

Other steps coming soon: At the end of November E will have another round of scans and tests. Some of these will be to verify that there’s no sign of any cancer left in her body. Others will be to look for any side effects of chemo: hearing loss, immune problems, etc. From what we understand, if all the news is good then, we’ll go into a pattern of regular check-ups, but be finished with treatment.

Again, all signs are good so far. The liver markers they watch in her blood are approaching normal levels, and falling each week (falling is good). She is happy, growing and getting stronger. Most days we don’t feel very fearful. I expect that if the tests in a few weeks are good, that will help us exhale. Please pray for us to trust that God will do what is best for us, whatever the circumstances are on a given day.

Pray for E tomorrow as well: for her not to be too fussy (she can’t eat before anesthesia), for the surgery to be quick and uneventful, and for them to send her home in the afternoon. Thank you as always for praying.


One thought on “Out, @^&#ed port!

  1. Things sound really good! Praying for them to continue! Good luck tomorrow!

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