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the hunts in prague

Hoping for a finish line


Eliza and Melissa are in the hospital tonight, getting ready for several big tests Monday and Tuesday. These include imaging scans (MRI, CT) and blood work to confirm that there’s no sign of cancer left in her body, and several benchmark tests to check for potential side effects of her chemotherapy.

If all these tests are normal, we’ll go into a rhythm of regular outpatient scans. We haven’t heard at what interval those will be yet.

Please pray that all the news is good this week. All signs point that way, and we are eager for a formal status change: done with treatment, regular checks to make sure we stay that way. Pray for no lasting side effects from chemo: for healthy kidney function, no hearing loss, and for E’s immune system to build itself back up.

This is sort of a finish line, and it feels like we’re crawling across it. As lots of people have told us, the adrenaline carries you through an actual crisis; it’s the aftermath that can really get you. We are so tired and weak. We’re eager for normal life, but not ready for it yet. E is basically still not supposed to leave the house, so daily logistics are tough. Our awesome boys are feeling some fallout from all the stress of the last few months. We keep committing to very simple things– Yes, I can meet you for lunch on Wednesday. Yes, M can buy flowers for our church Thanksgiving dinner.– and then having to bail when something happens. Nobody’s putting any pressure on us, but we still feel useless.

So the Hunts are still a mess. A grateful mess, and sometimes a hopeful mess.  I was frustrated and depressed the other day, with several things going wrong, and while running into the store looked in the back seat and saw Foard and Eliza holding hands. The things that are going well are much more important than the things that aren’t.

Please keep praying for us. Pray especially for Eliza this week, for good and accurate test results, and for us as we wait. Pray that we will enter God’s Sabbath rest and experience his peace.


If you’re feeling stressed, I invite you to gaze upon this picture of a baby in a pea coat.


9 thoughts on “Hoping for a finish line

  1. Jake, you & Melissa are so blessed with this beautiful baby Eliza. Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings & regards, “Bud” & Pauline

  2. She looks ADORABLE! Praying for tomorrow.

  3. You have a beautiful family! Your faith will get you through this difficult journey, but we are praying for clean scans! She looks so healthy to have been through such a tough surgery and treatment. Prayers continue!

  4. Praying for you. I so get the exhaustion that comes after crisis, and will pray specifically for you about that and for faith in that time. So thankful you are at this point though. And she is quite adorable in the pea coat!

  5. Just the thought of those siblings happy to be together without prompting from Mom and Dad makes my heart sing and you have to know that will be the picture in my grateful mind as I celebrate Thanksgiving this year. May the peace that passes all understanding be yours as you settle into your new normal! Praise God from whom all good things come!
    Happy Thanksgiving,

  6. Praise God for this precious little girl and her family!

  7. Modlím se a těším se na vás!

  8. Jake, Melissa, Sam,Foard and Eliza,

    Ya’ll are due a good Thanksgiving time this week, even if the Czchs do not do such. We pray that Eliza will be getting good reports today and tomorrow, and that Melissa and she will be coming home smiling.

    We can only fathom what each of you have cone through these months and days, and trust that the worst is over.

    Blessings to each,

    Jim and Gloria

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