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the hunts in prague




Day trip to Karlovy Vary in December. Our first time out of Prague together since July. Don’t worry, E’s in there somewhere.

December was quite a month. You know how Decembers are– super busy. Parties, presents, planning. And we were zonked. Energy level always low, a couple of hospital trips for E because we still have to watch her so closely. 


Christmas morning bliss

We had a very restful, beautiful, quiet, celebratory Christmas. Pammie and Papa were here, about which more in a separate post. Their visit was great, and we loved them being here for all our Christmas traditions.

And then, with a deep breath, we started regular life again. Boys back to school, me back to work fulltime for pretty much the first time since E’s diagnosis. Eliza getting to be a regular baby, Melissa keeping everything together. And we are honestly a little surprised at how well it’s gone.


We were going for “mean face.” This was the best Foard could do.

Today Eliza had her second monthly check-up. She always has blood work and a physical exam, and every other month (including today) an X-ray and ultrasound. All these results have been good. Each month we get nervous the day before, have a somewhat fearful morning while M & E are at the doctor, and I hold my breath waiting for the all-clear text. Maybe that gets better over time. I hope so.

At any rate, she’s gaining weight, learning words, standing on her own, and her hair is growing. It’s amazing. We’re still watching her tummy– I’ll spare you the details but it does seem to be improving, and they’ve ruled out any connection between her digestive stuff and her previous illness. Seems to just be one of those things.


We got our fancy pants on for Sam’s school’s annual Burns Night fundraiser. Half the proceeds went to the children’s wing at Eliza’s hospital.

We are not all back to normal. Who knows if we ever will be. Little medical things scare us more than they used to, and it’s hard to think about the future without the what-if cloud. But the life-o-meter is climbing. We can handle more busy-ness now than we could 2 months ago. By God’s grace, we’re doing more than just surviving.

We would love for you to keep praying for us.

  • Pray for Eliza’s health to continue, for no more cancer ever ever ever, and for protection from all the winter germs as her immune system is not at 100%. Pray for her stomach to adjust so that she doesn’t need to take probiotics.
  • Pray for Sam and Foard, and our parenting of them. They’re still recovering too. Pray that we’ll be patient and attentive.
  • Pray for our marriage and for our walk with Jesus. We don’t want to unlearn the lessons of last year.
  • Pray that we’ll be bold and wise in taking on work and ministry, working hard but not taking on more than our family can handle.

Look at this little girl. You prayed, and God healed her. Thank you so much.


I love me some snow!

4 thoughts on “Reentry

  1. Oh how my heart sings to see you all so well and healthy! I am so thankful for the precious way that you shared your journey with me and allowed me to be a participant in your journey of healing. love and Happy New Year to you all!

  2. What a treat to receive BlueSky today! We are in frozen middle GA with black ice having brought ATL and all of the areas to a halt so getting such a sunny message from Prague is a real treat. Thanks for all of the updates. You all are and will remain on our prayers both in praise and thanksgiving and in the continue healing parts of our talks with God. Loved seeing the pictures.
    Love from Jackson, GA
    Janie, Tommy, and T. Carmichael

  3. Such fantastic news. We are so amazed to see what your courage and strength have endured. We hope you take a moment to realize what fantastic parents you are. Here you are coming home! Love and prayers for a normal few months. Hugs Jim and nancy

  4. Absolutely precious. As parents and now grandparents we don’t know that it gets much easier being concerned for your children. But we’re reminded that God certainly feels just as passionate for the well-being of his children, both spiritually and physically, as we do for ours. That is encouraging.

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